Terms and Conditions

By engaging Cell-Tech Solutions to undertake repairs on your device, you agree to the following:

  1. A $29 service fee will be charged for time spent inspecting and/or attempting to repair the device, even if we are unable to complete a full repair or you decide you do not wish to continue with the repair.
  2. If upon inspection we find more wrong with your device we will contact you and re-quote you accordingly.
  3. You can choose not to continue with the repair if the initial inspection uncovers further damage and you do not wish to continue with the repair your device.
  4. All repairs completed by Cell-Tech Solutions have a 3 month warranty. Your warranty will become void if your device and or replaced parts have sustained any physical damage, liquid ingress, been mistreated and/or have been tampered with by a 3rd party.
  5. You agree that by getting your device repaired by us that you may void any warranty or future ability to claim manufacturer’s warranty on that device. This includes Apple’s “Out of Warranty Swap” service.
  6. Cell-Tech Solutions’ warranty does NOT cover: physical damage, liquid damage or third party tampering of the device.
  7. Liquid damage repairs are covered by a 14 day warranty and returns for refund or repair will be at our discretion.
  8. $49 service fee will be applied to all attempted liquid damaged repairs if the repair is unsuccessful or you decide not to continue with the repair.
  9. Repairs to physically damaged devices are covered by the 3 month warranty but excludes other faults that surface after the initial repair is completed.
  10. You understand that we are not able to guarantee that your device will be waterproof after your repair.
  11. If your invoice is not paid for within 60 days a $25 administration/storage fee will be added to your invoice. If your device has not been picked up or arrangements made by agreement with us within 180 days your device will be recycled. After a device has been recycled there is no possibility to retrieve the device or its data.
  12. Any customer data backup stored on our server will be kept in a secure location for 3 months, after which it will be securely deleted. If you wish you data to be stored for a longer period please make prior arrangements with us.
  13. All customer data that is collected by us is kept in a secure location, we will not share ANY part of your data with any third party without your permission (unless legally required to do so)
  14. Cell-Tech Solutions will not be held liable in the unlikely event that data is lost during repair. We recommend that you back your device up before the repair.